7 July

I spent most of today preparing for a family member staying a few days, but I did manage to make a few more decisions about junk room items.

070717 001

My partner bought a new phone a couple months ago, and I held onto everything that came with it in case something went wrong and we needed the packaging and stuff to return it. I think it’s fine now to toss most of it. The contract and receipts were filed.


070717 002

These shells survived a previous declutter, but I feel no attachment to them now, so they can go to the donate area.


070717 003

This decorating book from 1973 stinks of old cigarette smoke, but I find the pictures and descriptions fascinating to compare with all the tricks and trends I read about on decor blogs. So much has come back into fashion. I’ll look though it once more before returning it to the op shops.


070717 004

A few more books and a 1960s toast rack. I had planned to use the toast rack to display photos, but it never happened and I feel comfortable getting rid of it now. I never look at the books anymore, although I was tempted to keep them for painting reference. But I can find any pictures I want online. Goodbye, and thank you, books!

I gathered a few picture-hanging nails, a bulldog clip, and a hankerchief from the junk room and put them back in their correct spots, then binned a few bits of plastic and paper. Now I just need to re-read that ’70s decorating book and I’ll have a boxful ready to donate!




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