6 July

I visited the junk room again, and picked up another two items that needed homes.

060717 002

The white bar I bought for $1 and the silver one was $3 from thrifting at least a year ago. I thought at the time that I could use them to create some vertical storage. But I wasn’t sure where, and I was worried about drilling holes. Today, I finally decided.

060717 003

I gathered the drill and accessories, then scraped together some suitable screws (turns out that in our house, short screws are in short supply).

060717 004

The pantry is a bit empty at the moment, but often the lids need to be stacked on each other and I worry about them sliding off. I thought the white bar would work well as a pot lid holder. I marked the holes, realised the drill wouldn’t fit, marked some new holes, took a deep breath, and drilled.

060717 005

It doesn’t look much different, but it makes me breathe easier. I wiggled the lids around, and there’s no chance of them slipping out. Yay!

One item down, one to go.

I thought the silver bar would fit nicely under the sink, on the right.

060717 001

The screws I originally chose were too fat for the bar’s holes, and I couldn’t find any smaller ones that weren’t ridiculously small. There were a handful of screw hooks, though.

060717 006

Perfect size, and the additional hooks are a bonus!

I eyeballed it level, marked the holes, and drilled (with less trepidation this time). The hooks screwed in perfectly.

060717 009

060717 007

Wow; I can’t believe I did it. I drilled holes and created some vertical storage. Fewer piles of stuff in the kitchen and fewer items in the junk room for the win!


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