Thrifting #8

I haven’t brought anything home from the op-shops lately, other than boring practical stuff like plastic drawer organisers. Here are a few interesting items I saw:

Another two shell belts. Pretty, if impractical.

050717 022

They’d be good to take apart for craft or decor projects. Not for me, though.


050717 019

I snatched this vase up as soon as I spotted it. Rather large, with a gradiant and proportion of blues perfectly matched with what I aim for in my home. Sadly, the white wasn’t. A depressing, dirty cream rather than the fresh crisp white I prefer. So, back on the shelf it went. I think it was $3 or $4. A good buy, but with a flaw I couldn’t overlook.


050717 015

A similar story with this nice ceramic vessel. Perfect crisp white this time, interesting tilted opening, large size, and only $3.50, but with a flaw I couldn’t unsee.

050717 017

The rim was very uneven on one side. I was disappointed, but I knew I would always notice it.


050717 013

Next, two cheap items (I think the green stickers in this shop mean $1) that I loved, but could easily become clutter very soon if brought home. The glass pebbles were a wonderful frosted color, and the soap was unopened in a nice scent. However, all pebbles I’ve ever purchased have ended up donated back to the op-shops, and the soap bar was very small and I have a surplus of soap at the moment.


050717 010

I’m feeling pressure from my partner to find ‘real’ chairs to replace the nice folding chairs in his hobby room. These were marked $20 each, were pretty sturdy (most chairs like this are very wobbly), and would been easy to paint and/or reupholster. But, he hates cane furniture. Sorry, chairs.


050717 007

Beside the chairs was this nice bookcase. I could have used it as-is, or painted it white. 95% of the shelving in op-shops is horrible flat-pack laminate, so this was a rare opportunity to buy a quality piece for only $60 (plus $20-$30 to have it transported).  The hole could be easily covered by a picture or a book. But, I’m trying to refrain from buying any bulky furniture, much to my partner’s chagrin. He recently tried to convince me to buy a huge double-door cupboard for his hobby room because his items were taking over the floor. I was able to move everything into the existing furniture (or the garage) within just a couple hours of organising and decluttering.


050717 055

A big white cement candleholder. I love the look, but I recently donated one similar to this. I didn’t check the price.


050717 048

A big shell planter. Some white spray paint and a nice plant would transform this wonderfully. I think it was marked $8 or so. Not quite the right shape for me.


050717 045

I was tempted by this crab tureen. It was horribly ugly, yet cute too. The crab is realistic, even if the red makes it seem cooked instead of alive. The shell was perfectly white. It was a huge tureen, no chips, and only $4. But where would I put it?


050717 032

Another white ceramic shell. Actually, an identical pair, priced $8 each. Pretty big and realistic, but I already have a big white fake clamshell that I love far more.


050717 024

Finally, a tempting book. I avoid buying books because I can find everything I could want at the library or on the internet instead, but this one I really had to think about.

050717 025

The decorating ideas were hit and miss, but that just made each page interesting. It was like a Where’s Wally (Waldo in the U.S.) of decor elements that I could look though, spotting ideas that I liked mixed in the same photo with tacky and horrible craft projects. It’s like an evil, over-the-top twin of my own decorating taste, which made this book fascinating to me. But I knew it would eventually be re-donated, as most books I’ve bought have been. I think it was marked $3.

That’s all for now, but I’m eager to see what the shops hold this week.




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