5 July

As I declutter, I am beginning to encounter items that aren’t as immediately obvious as trash, recycle, or donate. Mostly op-shop finds that I really like, or that could be useful if I could find a place for them. I’ve taken to wandering into the junk room, picking up an item, agonising over what to do with it for a few minutes, then putting it back.

Today’s item was a seashell macrame plant hanger. I have two hanging near our TV and love them:

050717 071

I’ve seen shell macrame hangers in retail shops for $30 and up, but the most I’ve spent on one is $7. I think in all my years of thrifting, I’ve only found 5 in op-shops. The first two I bought, the 3rd was falling apart so I left it, the 4th I bought, and the 5th I left behind because I hadn’t yet found a place for the 4th.

Today, I found a place.

050717 065

This is our guest loo, detached from our guest bathroom. After I painted the walls white last year, I tried hanging pictures, but the room is so narrow that I worried about people bumping the frames. The only decor I felt comfortable with were a few small objects on the window ledge and a poster stuck to the back of the door.

I don’t know why hanging the shell macrame in here didn’t occur to me before. I just screwed a hook into the ceiling and hung it up. I was careful to position it so visitors couldn’t bump it, but it’s much shorter than the ones near the TV so I’m confident that won’t be a problem.

This room gets good light from the window and high humidity from the loo, so I took one of the happy ferns from our ensuite bathroom and gave it a new home here. I stood back and admired how much better it looked with the pop of blue and green, but then the shiny brass light mount jumped out at me.

120417 005

So I gave the light a clean and a few coats of black spray paint, let it dry, and replaced it.

050717 068

I don’t like the warm white light, but I’ve already used all of our cool bulbs in other fixtures.

050717 069

I’m so happy with this little room now. It has a pop of color and life instead of barren whiteness. The tan in the shells paired with the ugly peach tiles almost looks good. The black window frame paired with the black light mount looks great. There’s a sense of intentionality, rather than incompleteness.

050717 072

If only the other rooms were this easy.


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