8 June

Over the last  couple weeks, I’ve:

  • cleaned the floor drain in the ensuite bathroom (I had to dig the grill out of the grout to access the blocked pipe, so it had never been cleaned in the 12 years since the house was built), removed a fist-sized clump of hair, a finger-sized wedge of wood, a black solidified sediment about an inch thick, three handfuls of grit and sand, and lots of black and gray goop
  • hired someone to haul the huge pile of plant debris away, along with the disintigrating click-clack sofa we’ve had in the front room for months, and several long metal curtain tracks that have been sitting beside the rubbish bins since we bought the house


080617 019

220517 008

080617 018

  • sawed down about 30 giant agave attenuatas (I needed a wheelbarrow to move some) growing along the side of the house and offered them for free on the front lawn (all gone within 5 hours), leaving about 15 still growing in the rock wall

080617 016

I felt a great sense of accomplishment from getting these things done, and look forward to seeing what else I can do this month.

Expecting a light work week, I resumed painting the exterior of the house last Sunday, scraping away gravel and dirt so I could paint the lowest edges. I then got called in to work Monday, went thrifting Tuesday, and got called in to work again on Wednesday and Thursday. Good for the bank account, bad for house painting plans. I believe I’ll have time Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to finish the downpipes and eaves.

After finishing work today, I realised tomorrow was rubbish morning and scrambled to fill the bin before darkness fell. Easily done by removing some organic matter from our yard.

I gave our tibouchina tree a trim, then removed the half-dead wisteria from the fence.


The above photo is from last year. By now, the right half had turned into dead, crumbly sticks and the left half had reached its tendrils into the inaccessible part of our neighbor’s yard again. I was sick of cutting it back, so today I just removed it.

080617 017

I’ll need to hammer some boards back in place from the wisteria growing between them and popping them out.

The remaining plants are orange knifophia, blue and white agapanthus, orange daylilies, and red hippeastrum. They really need some division and care, but that’s a project for another day. At least they’re no longer drowning in grass.

Finally, I sawed away a few agave stumps and pulled up clumps of roots to top off the bin.

210517 003

I’m slowly working left, pulling out and sawing away everything. I’ve been scattering marigold seeds as a short-term solution while I think of what I want to really do with this area.

080617 015

I’m glad I had to fill the bin today. The weather was perfect and the results are satisfying. This weekend, I’ll treat myself to some new leather gardening gloves.







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