22 May

Vine cutting, continued…

220517 002

The morning weather was cool and misty. Perfect for outdoor work.

220517 003

I listen to podcasts on my phone, which helped to pass the time.

I haven’t encountered any startling bugs or critters yet. Lots of tiny lizards, but I love seeing them.

By noon, I was nearing the end of the fence.

220517 005

And after an hour for lunch and two more hours of work, I’d reached it!

220517 006

Half of that time was spent clearing weeds in the rocks.

220517 008

I think it’s at least one truckload; maybe two. Maybe I’ll get the rest of those vines in that corner tomorrow morning. Wednesday I plan to saw off many of the giant agaves and put them by the side of the road for anyone who wants them. That’ll make it easier to reach some vines and weeds behind them.

I’m so proud of what I’ve done over the past couple days. I’ll reward myself with a day of thrifting tomorrow, then arrange for someone to haul away the pile before it kills the grass.


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