21 May

This morning I pulled some weeds.

210517 001

Then green-headed ants swarmed all over the weeds.

210517 009

As usual whenever I work in the garden, one got inside my glove and bit me.

210517 004
I planted marigolds in this spot years ago, and they’ve self-seeded ever since.

So I stopped until the throbbing pain faded.

210517 003

The ants were still swarming after 10 minutes, so I moved to another area.

210517 012

Twenty minutes of work, and I had filled another bag.

210517 013

But the progress was so slow while constantly stopping to stuff bits in the bag, that I didn’t bother fetching another. I just went for it, to see how much I could get done before I got bitten or tired.

210517 016

After an hour, I’d taken a good bite out of the greenery.

210517 017

Still a lot left to go. I got a quote a few months ago to get all the vines removed, but it was way more than I’d expected. I’ll see if I can get a cheaper quote once I remove all the vines that I’m able to reach.

After a drink, I returned to balancing on top of the rocks in the hot sun.

210517 018

Got another good chunk removed before my partner got home and it was time to stop.

210517 021

I had a look, and the vines thin out a bit to the left, so hopefully that’ll go faster.

I poisoned the rightmost vine with a drill and undiluted roundup. Drilled about 15 holes.

It’s good to see the fence again.





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