Thrifting #6

I’ve seen some nice stuff in the op-shops over the past few weeks, and some odd stuff too.

The things I didn’t buy:

100517 011

Good, cheap furniture is rare. I would have bought this immediately had I seen it a year ago. Barley-twist legs, solid wood, only $50, and there’s a perfect empty spot for it in my house. A little sanding and spray paint would make it great to display decor items.

But, my tastes have changed to favor a simpler, more functional style. I decided that, although it was a great thing at a good price, someone else would appreciate it more. The next time I visited that shop and saw it was gone, for a moment I regretted not buying it, but I thought about my reasoning again and the regret quickly passed.

100517 015

This painting caught my eye, but while the boats and water are nicely painted, the buildings are very poorly done. I don’t quite remember how much it was, but I do know it was $25+.

100517 018

A nice canvas print. I think it was marked $10. I loved the color of the water and hint of sand, but I’ve never really liked palm trees in art.

100517 028

I was really sad to leave this pendant light behind. Beautiful wood, undamaged glass, fairly big, and only $20. But, all our ceilings are minimum height for building code, which means only flush-mount fixtures for us. A real steal for someone else, though.

100517 030

This palm-sized block of fused seashells was neat, especially with the information. I was tempted to get it for the novelty, but it was crumbly and useless. I think it was marked $4.

100517 044

I tried to get a look at the other fish on these coasters, but they were tied too tight to see. I didn’t like the stamps and writing, but even without those parts, the fish images would have been just a bit too tacky for my taste. Although only $2, they stayed.

100517 045

I carried this hand-sized sea turtle around with me for a good 15 minutes. A bit pricey at $4, it was pretty wood that would only get prettier with a clean. But, the front fins bothered me too much. They were too small, and an uncomfortable angle that didn’t mesh with the realism of the rest of the carving. Plus, I already own a wooden sea turtle that I like much more.

100517 047

100517 048

A large plush ray and crab. Unusual and interesting, but I’ll never buy a second-hand plushie. They’re grime sponges that are difficult to clean thoroughly without damage. No price stickers on plushies at this store.

100517 050

This one was just wierd. I can understand why someone would want a decorative figure of two seahorses. I don’t understand why the manufacturer made the male pregnant. Is this some sort of cutesy family ornament? I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Tacky to the extreme.

100517 052

When I spotted this coral tealight holder, I thought I could remove the black glass and spray paint the coral to make it nicer. But I couldn’t get the glass to even wobble, so my $1.50 stayed in my pocket.

What I bought:

100517 001

My heart pounded when I spotted this poster. It’s very similar to one I love that has pride of place in our TV room. It wasn’t until I got it home that I noticed how much more crowded and flattened the fish are in this new poster, and that the grouper fish are labeled ‘gropers.’ Oh well, it’s not bad enough for me to regret spending $1 on it.

I’m really enjoying the fancy soap bars that I’ve previously bought while op-shopping, so I bought another cute little unopened box for $1. I was pleasantly surprised to see the dragonflies. They won’t be used for a while, but I’m looking forward to it.

100517 034

I bought this for $15. It’s very heavy wood with some pretty grain hidden under dark red stain. I did break my rule of knowing where something will go before I buy it. The big, deep drawer will be useful. It might be a nightstand or a sofa side table. I’m in the process of sanding it down, and it’s looking much lighter.








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