26 April

A couple weeks ago I typed up a weekly cleaning schedule and stuck it on the fridge. It  goes mostly ignored, but I do use it when I feel motivated and need a place to start. It has also greatly helped me with remembering how long since I last cleaned an area. Whereas before my memory was all just a fog, now I can clearly recall if I’ve done something in the past week, or not.

Today’s housecleaning is supposed to be the TV room, entry room, and sunroom. I don’t need to clean everything, but I do need to improve the spaces for it to ‘count.’

Along with a bunch of little tasks, today I completed two things that I consider more significant.

I cleaned the sliding door tracks:

260417 011

260417 013

And vacuumed the recliner and sofa:

260417 014

260417 015

I can’t remember the last time I did either of those tasks. It must have been months ago.

I also dusted the TV stand (and all the decor on it), wiped various marks off the walls, dusted picture frames, and vacuumed.

The living areas are looking pretty good now.


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