23 April

I’ve been feeling inspired and motivated the past few days. I’ve decluttered the kitchen utensil drawer by 50%, and the junk room closet by 25%. I’ve worked on paintings, scrubbed pet cages, and vacuumed often. I’ve filled up a box to donate back to the op-shops.

Today I’ll share the patio clean-up.

230417 001

Plant potting mess, two old rat cages replaced by one bigger and prettier cage, and a picture frame in the process of being spray-painted white.

The big bags of potting mix and sand went to the garden shed, the empty pots to the rubbish bin, and the towel to the laundry. The cages got cleaned and moved to the garden shed as well until they’ll be donated or sold. The frame got another spray coat and will be ready to use once dry.

230417 002

A simple but satisfying declutter.


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