22 April

Our knives are rusting.

220417 003

At least I think it’s rust.

220417 004

We use them every day, wash them in the dishwasher, then put them back in the knife block. I’m a bit paranoid of cutting myself (last time it happened, I passed out), so I have put off cleaning them because of the extended handling involved.

Finally, the spots were annoying me enough that I finally decided to very carefully remove them.

I began with my primary spot remover: a magic eraser.

220417 005

I love magic erasers so much. But after about 30 seconds of scrubbing (it only takes a second or two normally), there were still bits that wouldn’t budge.

220417 006

I thought of trying salt and vinegar (for abrasion and acidity), but then remembered the Barkeeper’s Friend canister that I splurged on a few months ago and hadn’t used much. There were annoying powder piles remaining around the rim of the shaker from its last use, so I scooped some up on the corner of a dampened nylon scourer and gave the knife a scrub.

The spots were gone in two seconds.

220417 007

I quickly cleaned and rinsed all the other knives.

220417 009

220417 012

220417 013

I think it took about 10 minutes in all.

220417 016

One small embarassment remedied.



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