12 April

New light fixtures are expensive, and used ones that appear in second-hand shops are mostly junk. Plus, I’d need to pay an electrician to legally install them (thanks Australian lawmakers! /sarcasm) and that would cost at least $70 for one fixture.

So, I need to improve what I already have, which are basic white globes with shiny brass mounts.

120417 004

Black spray paint to the rescue!

There were two fixtures in this hallway. I removed the globes, unscrewed the bulbs, and removed the brass mounts (wiring still covered by a ceramic mount underneath).

120417 005

As usual when I do any unusual house project, something broke.

120417 007

Luckily, it didn’t break badly enough to cause a problem. Every time I handle bulbs, I imagine them shattering into wicked shards, so it was very unnerving to feel the bulb wobbling and scraping as I removed it from the mount.

I scratched up the shiny brass with sandpaper to give the paint a better grip.

120417 015

Then sprayed about four light layers of black (from a can of spraypaint I bought years ago on sale for $2).

120417 018

After carefully checking that I’d achieved full coverage, I let them dry overnight and installed them the next morning. I got lucky and the spare cool white bulbs that have been sitting in the pantry for the past few months fit perfectly.


120417 004

120417 019

After, with a new cool-light bulb to replace the warm-light bulb. So much fresher than the dirty yellow light before, and a sophisticated black mount rather than garish brass.

I would have sprayed the mounts white, but our metal window frames are all black, so I needed something to tie in with them to make the black look more like a style choice, rather than the compromise it is.

I really love the hallway so much more now. Also because I spent the last few days painting it (spoilers)!



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