9 April

I picked up a huge self-watering plant pot from the op-shops last week for only $5.

090417 001

It was old, bumpy orange plastic in a shape I wasn’t too sure I liked, but I was excited to see what a little paint could do. Now that the front porch is nice and clean, I would like some greenery out there.

090417 002

I gave it a good scrub all over with soap and disinfectant, then hosed it off.

Gave it a layer of (free sample pot) white…

090417 005

…then another to make it solid white. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, so I browsed Pinterest for inspiration. I found the image below and thought I could copy it with what I had on hand.

blue color themed succulents and grass.:

I gave the pot a wash of pastel green, then an uneven wash of vibrant blue which turned it into a nice soft turquoise.

090417 007

I didn’t take pictures during the next part, but the ‘after’ photo illustrates it pretty well.

I wanted a soft, drippy sort of look for the final layer of dark blue. I sprayed water all over the pot, then dabbed thick lines of paint on top of and under the rim, agitated them a bit with my foam brush to blend them with the water, then carefully sprayed the lines to get the pigment to run down the sides and blend with the water droplets on the way. In areas where it didn’t blend well, I sprayed with water to soften the drip trails.

090417 020

I was quite pleased with the result, but it was rather faint, so I repeated the last step with more paint. I let it dry for a day and night, then used an old tin of beeswax (it smells horrible so I want to use it up to get rid of it) for a protective layer.

As it dried, I thought about what plants to put in it. They needed to be tough and not need much water, because all the plants I’ve put on the front porch before have died of neglect. Succulents were my first thought, but I wanted something bigger to go with the scale of the pot. Something leafy.

That made me think of spider plants. They’re nearly impossible to kill. The previous owners planted some in our rock wall and I’ve been periodically spraying them with herbicide in attempts to keep them from taking over. Their huge tuberous roots make them impossible to pull out from between the boulders.  However, I did have a neglected specimen thriving in the dark space between our house and the water tank, which I was sure would work nicely.

It was a plant taken from the yard of the house where I stayed when I first came to Australia and started living with my partner. It has been with us for 10 years through 2 moves. And it was thriving in the dark, under the overgrown grass and despite the jagged pebble substrate. I pulled out all I could find and got to work.

090417 015

After ridding each plant of many clones, dead leaves, and hungry snails, I stuffed them in the pot, secured them with more potting mix, then gave them a deep drink.

090417 019

After a couple days in the shade, I’ll put them in their new home on the front porch. I’m quite happy with how this project turned out.







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