2 April

I was determined to be productive today, so I listed every area of the house and crossed them off as I worked. As long as I did something to improve the space, it counted.

Bathroom: Wiped floor and all surfaces with dish soap; scrubbed loo; sprayed bug spray to kill drain flies

Shower: Sprayed grout with soap and disinfectant; left brush on shelf to scrub next time I shower

Bedroom: Picked up dirty laundry; dusted bed frame

TV Room: Vacuumed; removed all decor items from console shelving; dusted and washed shelves, then replaced decor items, editing a few to the outbox

Patio: Shortly after I had it all clean, our backyard flooded from heavy rain twice, leaving a film of red clay covering the patio again. Today I swept away what I could, and cleaned the high-water line debris off my plant pots. I’ll get on my hands and knees and scrub it again at some point, but not today.

Kitchen: Vacuumed; moved all rubbish and recycling off the counters; wiped the counters and floor; ran two loads of dishes and put them away.

Entry: Vacuumed, decluttered

Sunroom: Removed some postcards from gallery wall and replaced with pictures cut from a book showing the Australian east coast. The old postcards were of Oregon beaches near where I used to live, but they were rather dark and half of them were mainly brown in color. The new pictures are lighter, clearer, and more vibrant.

Porch: Tidying up this area has been on my mind for a while.

First, there were the red clay spots left over from mud wasp nests on the wall.

020417 009

A spray of soap and some scrubbing was all it took.

020417 012

020417 013

The ground was covered in dried grass, dirt, and dead bugs. I shook the mats, shop-vacced, swept, and scrubbed.

020417 007

020417 010

020417 026

020417 008

020417 011

020417 014

I did the threshold too, while I was at it.

020417 017

020417 021

Nana room (spare bedroom 1): I removed one item to the outbox: a big wooden fish I made a long time ago. I never really liked it and couldn’t find a place for it, so I decided it could go.

020417 005

Guest room (spare bedroom 2): Clean sheets and pillowcases had been piled on the bed for a while, so I put them to use.

020417 001

I also stuck some pictures on the wall, cut from a book that had been on the TV room console table. I never opened the book, so I figured I might as well cut out the good pictures and put them somewhere I’d see them.

020417 002

It looks better in person.

Junk room (spare bedroom 3): I moved four items to the outbox: a large clam shell, a woven magazine basket, a white cloth table runner, and a roll of fabric I’d planned to use to reupholster chair seats (which I no longer own).

Guest bathroom: I wiped off the vanity and switched out the handcloth.

Laundry: I ran four loads of laundry then hung them all to dry, and wiped the laundry sink clean of dust and lint.

Garage: I moved a couple handfuls of dusty, cobweb-y cleaning cloths to the laundry and washed them.

The house feels so much better now!


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