31 March

Our floors have always spent more time dirty than clean. I never saw much point in dragging out the vacuum every couple days to remove debris when the carpet would still looked worn and stained from the previous owners.

310317 006

A generous family member gifted us a new Dyson canister vac when we bought the house, but sparse power points and a rather short power cord created an awkward experience whenever I did get motivated to clean. I would have to unplug and replug at least five times, and that’s just for the half of the house we use the most. I tried using an extension cord, but that would just wiggle loose or get in the way as I moved around.

310317 008

The past few weeks, a Dyson cordless stick vacuum has been on sale for $299. I really wanted to buy it, but I couldn’t justify spending so much money when I still owned a perfectly good vacuum. Plus, it was a hideous yellow that I knew would bother me for however many years it would be in my house.


I saw a similar model that was blue, but $100 more. I knew from OzBargain that it had been on sale before, and decided to wait until it went on sale again. Two days ago, I saw some junk mail my partner had brought in. Among it was a catalogue for Big W, which sells the blue model. I had a look, and there it was for $299!

310317 011

And now I have two vacuums (three, counting the garage shop-vac).

310317 009

At least their attachments are cross-compatible.

Now, when I see a section of floor covered in crumbs or dirt or sawdust, I just pick up the stickvac, walk over, and suck it up. One button press drops the debris into any bin, then I plug the handstick back in to charge.

310317 012

So much easier than hauling out the canister, attaching the stick, pulling out the cord, plugging in, vacuuming, unplugging, rolling up the cord, unattaching and putting away the stick, coiling the hose, carrying the big dirty canister outside to the big bin (lets be honest, I never emptied it unless it was really full), then hauling it back to the closet.

310317 013

Now, I’ve vacuumed the entire house twice in two days. The tiny dirt container quickly fills with filth and gray carpet fluff, but it’s so easy to empty and satisfying to know that stuff’s no longer on the floor. I’m excited now that I might actually keep the floors clean.



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