Saturday Thrifting #6

A momentous occasion: I donated a box of items back to the shops! My outbox is much clearer now.

What I didn’t buy:


These drink cozies are the most well-made and only coastal-themed ones I’ve seen. They were $2 each, but we only use drink cozies a couple times per year when friends and family visit from out of state. They’d be clutter for all the other 360 days per year.


This fake wood clock is one of the biggest, nicest-looking clocks I’ve ever seen in an op-shop. It was marked $5, I had no idea if it worked, and the minute marks reminded me of a ruler. So, no-go.


I would have bought this shell plant hanger in a heartbeat…if it had a price. Yet again, the item I want is the one without a label. I probably could have asked for a price at this particular shop, however I didn’t want the idea that I might be one of those people who purposely removed the tag to run though the volunteers’ minds. Also, I already have an unused shell hanger at home, so it would be silly to bring home another. If it’s still there next time, I might get it. I really don’t think it will be.


Vinnies’ populations of both customers and items were strangely sparse today. I did spot this large shell jewelry box on my second pass. I could have hung the lid on the wall as decor, but I didn’t like it as much as I liked my $7.


What I took home:

I’ve told myself to avoid buying cluttery things, but I still got this little ceramic pot for $2.

260317 007

It has a watercolor look that I haven’t often seen on op-shop ceramics, and never before in blue. It reminds me of the canvas I painted for our bedroom’s biggest, blankest wall.

260317 001

Most of our house is pretty dark, and although I like succulents, they’d etoliate if kept inside for too long. I thought this pot would look nice paired with a fake plant. I picked one up for $6 while walking though town.

After scraping off the brittle red wax and giving the pot a good wash, I chopped off the fake succulent’s stem and popped it in.

260317 010

Truthfully, I haven’t found a good spot for it yet, and I think it would look better with a taller plant, or several small plants.

My second find was a plastic octopus for $1.

260317 011

I spray painted it white (it took many layers to hide the red), left it to dry overnight, then had a little fun.

260317 002

The Kraken!

260317 004

Not very original, but funny enough for me.


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