Thrifting #5

I haven’t felt like thrifting much lately. I visit two or three shops, then decide I’m tired and go home. It might be because there’s really not much I need for my home nowadays, and the likelihood of finding something second-hand is very slim. Still, this week’s find proves there’s still stuff out there.

I had a few days off from work this week, so on Monday I planned to go thrifting. My partner and I needed to go by the shoe and phone stores in the local shopping center first, which left me frustrated and annoyed by the crowds of people and high prices. I was happy to forget about thrifting and go home to relax.

I tried again on Tuesday. In the first shop I visited, I hit the motherload.

This is my plate and bowl cupboard, the result of years of thrifting.

21032017 001

When we first started living together, we used a mix of heavy ceramic dishes, half from a cheap box set, half gifted by my partner’s mother when she got new dishes and no longer needed her old ones. They worked fine, but I missed the light, strong, simple Corelleware dishes I grew up with. Corelleware sometimes appears in op-shops, most often in the plain white I prefer. I started picking up a piece or two per month, for $0.50 to $1 each.

The small plates are most common, to the point that I don’t buy them anymore. Medium plates are pretty rare, but I’ve gotten enough now that I’ll probably hesitate to buy any more. Large plates are nearly impossible to find, to the point that I’ve only found 5 in as many years. I’ve been seriously thinking of paying the $8 each they cost new.

Until Tuesday, when I found 4 large white Corelleware plates for $3 total. Nearly doubling my collection of 5 years’ worth!

21032017 002

21032017 003

My partner said it tells a lot about me that I get so excited over plates.

I probably now have all the Corelleware plates we need.

Next challenge: Corelleware bowls. In 5 years of searching, I’ve only found 2 small white ones. I might end up buying them new, to replace our current mix of thrifted white ceramic bowls.




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