12 March

We hosted a guest during the wargaming tournament this weekend, so I got the house looking really good on the 10th. That left the weekend for me to make some lasting changes. Of course, I squandered the 11th by watching house shows on youtube and napping all day (after I picked up my new eyeglasses and sunglasses that morning, yay!). Today, I was determined to do at least a few things on my list.

First came laundry. I already had two loads drying on the line, so I folded and put those away, then washed and hung another 3 loads, including the sheets from the guest bed.

I watered the new plants. They’re doing well, with some leaf yellowing, but I’m not worried yet. They’ll have a rough few weeks before they establish themselves.

Last week I cut down a section of Orange Trumpet Creeper vine as a test to see how well I could do it myself.

120317 007

Today, I stuffed the resulting pile into the bin.

120317 005

It was much bigger before it all dried out.

120317 006

120317 008

Since I haven’t done my 10 minutes of yardwork for a couple days, I turned to another spot that’s been bothering me.

120317 001

This jacobinia bush is the only survivor of last year’s free plant haul. It’s doing pretty well, but I want to keep it mostly behind the wood border. The ants have decided that it is their bush to viciously protect, so I worked quickly.

120317 003

When we first moved in, a passionfruit vine was growing in this spot. It died, but somewhere on the other side of the fence, another yet lives. Each year it grows up over the fence, bears fruit, then dies back. My neighbors have already removed the dead vines.

120317 002

About time I did so as well.

120317 004

I cut down all I could reach without climbing into spider territory. Still, yay for visible progress!





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