7-8 March (Thrifting #4)

7 March:

This morning I watered the new plants, then mixed up about 3 litres of Roundup dilution and spent the next hour spraying weeds. The results won’t be visible for another week or two, but it’s better than spending days pulling them by hand.

8 March:

I didn’t do my yardwork today, but I did notice the weeds starting to droop. I did spend 10 minutes unclogging the washing machine drain, so I suppose that counts since it lets me do laundry which I hang outside…maybe? Kinda? Sure.

I took a chance that I wouldn’t be called in to work today, and went thrifting. It was so much more relaxing than Saturday thrifting, with fewer people and more time. I did find a few things.

But first, what I didn’t buy:


This little ceramic pot had nice proportions, slight gray mottling to keep it interesting, and an off-center bottom with a maker’s stamp. I’d have liked to see it at only $1, but $2.50 wasn’t bad. I couldn’t think of a place for it, so it stayed in the shop.


These heavy bookends were really nice. I picked them up and carried them around for a while, nearly convincing myself to buy them. They were real stone, no chips, and a scallop shape that would go well with my house theme. But, we have very few books (I get them from the library and return them, or even if I buy them, I read them once then never again, so eventually get rid of them) and no bookcases. They’d be good just for decor, but the nice shape worked against it a bit in my mind. It’s just a bit too fussy; the nice stone layers would work best with a simple flat face or natural stone shape to let the layers shine. With the layers plus the carving, it’s a bit too much complexity for my taste. At only $8, I’m sure some other lucky person will buy them soon.


I liked this crab shirt and would  have bought it, but the price tag was missing and this store takes items without tags and keeps them until the next pricing cycle. It feels like I often find things I like that I can’t buy because the tag is missing.


I didn’t consider buying this, but it’s the first time I’ve actually seen stainless steel soap. I don’t even remember the price.


Echoing the bookends was this nice stone egg. At only $1, I almost bought it, but finally decided that I couldn’t picture myself keeping it for very long. The colors weren’t the best, a sphere shape would have been much better than an egg, and really, I didn’t need it. I’m glad I left it behind.


These uncommon shells made my heart leap, but they were pretty small and I already have more small shells than I can use. Only $1 per pair, but I could easily see them ending up in the outbox.

What I did buy:

I didn’t expect it so soon, but I found my wicker box, and for only $7.50!

080317 008

080317 006

The lining is even a nice blue, when I’ve only ever seen it in red before. It’s a bit smaller than I had been thinking, but still has plenty of room for rat supplies.

080317 010

080317 011

080317 012

I might paint it later, but the natural color isn’t too bad.

080317 009

At the same shop as the wicker box, I found matching sets of drawer organisers. The white ones were $1 each, and the blue ones were 50 cents each, totalling $6. Much cheaper than buying new. Once these go through the dishwasher, I’ll use them to organise our catch-all cabinet.

I like to look in the windows of the art shops and galleries as I pass them on my thrifting rounds. Usually I don’t see anything I like, but I had to go into the Toowoomba Art Gallery gift shop when I saw this in their window.

080317 003

A hand-carved “tiny stingray”! I was expecting it to be expensive as gallery art often is, but I flipped it over to find it was only $15. A fair price, I thought. I’ll certainly never find one cheaper anywhere else. The gift shop attendants said they’d started off with 6, and this was the last one, with more on order. I visited the carver’s website and enjoyed learning more.

080317 004Of everything he makes, I like the stingray the best.

080317 005

It’s hanging out with the whale for now, but I’m still searching for its permanent home.

There were quite a few gift sets of candles and lotions and incense in the op-shops, which I always take a look at. I’ve taken a liking to burning candles (in the sink, to prevent any mishaps) and now I can try a Yankee candle without paying an arm and a leg.

080317 002

It looks like it’s only been burned for a few minutes. I wouldn’t have chosen this scent myself, but its not bad. Very strong, but not sickening. Just like fresh roses. And only $2, instead of the retail $15+.

I visited 7 shops in 4.5 hours and spent $15.50 on op-shop items, then another $15 on the retail stingray. A very fun, relaxed, successful thrift.










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