6 March

I watered all my newly-planted plants this morning, and was tempted to call that my outside work for the day, but the whole point of working in the yard is to make visible progress.

The white bird of paradise plant next to our mailbox grows very fast, sending up huge leaves that block the postal person’s access. Previously, I’ve waited until they’re getting in the way to trim them, but that always results in a bin full of leaves, with no room for weekly rubbish. I thought I’d get them while they’re small this time.




I wanted to get rid of all the little stumps too, but the black ants decided I wasn’t welcome and I lost motivation after one bite on the arm. It’s as painful as a wasp sting. I’ll try again in winter.

Since I didn’t complete that task, I turned to fix another unsightly overgrowth. Our tibouchina is the closest we have to a tree on our property, but it likes to pretend it’s a bush.


I’ve trimmed it several times already, and the branches are brittle and easy to break down to put in the bin, so this was quick and easy. I even pulled out some of the weedy grass.


There, visible progress.





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