Saturday Thrifting #3

25 Feb

It’s been a few weeks since I last went thrifting, so I was excited to see what new stock had appeared in my absence.

I started at Vinnies this time, and it was packed with people. Screaming kids and aisle-blocking bodies everywhere. Right inside the door was a big fishing creel. After a moment of sadness as the woman who walked in ahead of me picked it up before I could look at it, she put it back down and it was my turn.


I’ve been waiting for a large covered basket to appear in the op-shops so I can hide away the pet rat supplies, which are currently in an open basket.


I’ve seen several suitcase-like wicker picnic baskets that would do nicely, but they’ve always included the picnic dish sets inside and been priced $20+. And I haven’t seen any since I started actively searching.

This creel might have worked well. It was fish/nautical themed (sorta), could be cleaned and painted to look better, and would fit into the space beneath the rat cages. I decided against it because it was expensive ($20 really isn’t a bad price, but more than I want to pay), I don’t have as much time these days for projects, and I was planning to do some retail shopping later and didn’t want to haul this big dirty old creel around with me into normal stores.

Also in Vinnies, there were a few big canvases I considered buying to repaint, a set of 4 wicker placemats I considered buying to paint pretty colors and hang on the wall, and a large rattan tray that someone had already (badly) painted crusty white, then gray. I left them all behind, because again, I don’t feel like taking on any extra projects right now.

I headed upstairs to the clothing area, where I discovered a half-price sale on all clothes. That explains why it was so packed. I did a loop, then as I was heading out the door, I saw some bric-a-brac in the shop window and had to have a quick look.

There were a couple little glass frogs, one thin and fragile like ones I’d seen and wanted in gift shops when I was younger, and the other chunky like a paperweight, each priced 50 cents.


I got the paperweight one because it’s made exactly like a fat little toad focusing all its attention on a bug it’s about to snap up. Yes, I don’t need any more dustcatchers, but it only cost 50 cents (and a long wait in line behind people buying tons of clothes).

I headed to the Perth St Lifeline next. They had a big mug that I thought might be suitable for my partner, who says he’d drink more of the tea he buys if he had a bigger mug. I probably should have bought it, it was only $1.50. I think I left it behind because there are just so many mugs in op-shops that I’m sure I’ll find a nicer one soon. Probably still should have bought it.

Next I had a look in several retail shops for expensive things I really should buy. Once I get over the sticker shock, I’m sure they’ll be worth it.

I didn’t visit as many op-shops as I could have today. I think because my little glass toad sated my craving for cheap treasure this week.




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