4 March

I made good progress on my weekend task list today.

Task 1:

I started the morning with a couple hours on a project that I’ll hopefully finish and reveal tomorrow.

Task 2:

I then took a trip to our council nursery (where I used to work, long ago) to turn in three years’ worth of free plant vouchers. Luckily they had a good selection on the “have an extra” table, so I got 9 plants instead of just 6.


My partner chose the two on the left, I picked out the others.

The red plant on the left will go in our sunroom, which my partner has taken over as his wargaming hobby room. It’ll need a well-lit spot, but I think I can make a place for it in front of a window with semi-sheer curtains.

The green ball will go in our backyard rock wall, but may need watering in really hot weather. I hope it’ll do well and fill the cracks between our boulders.

The three tall dietes plants are really hardy and often seen in commercial plantings around here. I might try them grouped beneath our mailbox. They were from the “have an extra” table.

The next two pots are hostas, and probably the highest maintenance of the group. They’ll need a shady, moist spot. I think they might grow well in the small walkway behind our house, which is usually shady and damp, but not particularly well-drained (hence the dampness). As long as I dig an extra-deep hole for them in our red clay soil and put gravel in the bottom, they might grow well there. Hostas aren’t available often around here, and I nearly bought one a while ago for $20. I was excited to see them for free, and am willing to take on the challenge for these beautiful foliage plants.

Last are a couple of hardy philodendrons, also seen around here in commercial plantings. They’ll be indoor plants as well, probably in the bedroom.

All of these plants are pretty root-bound, so they should be happy to be repotted after a week to let them get used to their new home. I just need to find some more pots.

Task 3:

I washed the patio floor.




So satisfying. Well worth the extra load of laundry.



It’s so nice to walk around on it without worrying about tracking in dirt! Although, it’s also very easy to track dirt onto it. I see lots of mopping in the future. I also see a pretty paint pattern…maybe once I’ve used up all the house paint I already have, I can invest in some porch/floor paint.

While I was out there, I also wiped off our new a/c unit.



Gotta keep it looking new.

Task 4:

Hang fairy lights.

This wasn’t on my list, but I thought of it as I was enjoying my nice clean patio floor, then looked up to my partially-painted patio ceiling. After wanting them for years, last December I bought two strings of solar led fairy lights on sale ($12 each I think), one blue and one white. A few weeks ago I bought a picture-hanging kit that included a handful of nice small eyehooks I could use. After the obligatory worry about putting holes in the ceiling, I got to it.

Turns out our porch ceiling isn’t as flimsy as I thought it was. I first tried screwing in the eyehooks by hand, as that’s what works inside the house. No progress at all. So I tried screwing them in using some small pliers. Also no progress. So, I grabbed my partner’s tiny hobby drill and tried to make a pilot hole. After a lot of fiddling and pressing hard (but not too hard, since I could easily break the tiny drill bit), I finally was able to break through and create a hole that the eyehook fit into perfectly. But, that took forever and didn’t work for the second hole.

So, then I tried pounding in a small nail with a hammer. It was still fiddly, and the nail bent, but it worked for one hole. But not the next. Finally, I resorted to putting the ridiculously tiny drill bit into our power drill. It worked!


I have a pretty weak hand grip, so I was surprised when one of the eyehooks twisted apart as I was hand-screwing it in. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised since the kit was so cheap, but I felt pretty strong for a moment.


I sorta winged the placement of the hooks, since I couldn’t remember how long the strings of lights were. I hung them as I went, and put some eyehooks in the hidden side of our porch post to hide and direct the wire leading to the solar panel on the ground.


It doesn’t look too bad, I think. Both my partner and his friends are pretty tall, so I couldn’t let them droop too much, but I can still tighten them if necessary. Also, now I’m thinking they might look better strung crosswise. That won’t be too difficult, now that I know what I’ll need to do. Only the blue lights are hanging now, but I think I’ll twist them with the white ones and hang them together.


They’ve been in the garage, so will need to charge for a day before the lights will come on automatically when it gets dark.

Now that it’s dark, I’ll prep for tomorrow’s tasks and relax.










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