3 March

Whew. I’m glad I did my 10 minutes of yardwork this morning, because today’s 13-hour work shift wiped me out.



Doesn’t look much different, but it took about 15 minutes. I moved everything except the table and bbq into the garden shed. There was a stack of retaining wall blocks hidden behind the bbq that I used to plug one of the gaps under our side fence. Ugly, but useful. Finally, I moved the table and bbq onto the lawn and gave the patio a quick sweep, just to get rid of the top layer of dust.


Left is before; right is after.

I plan to clean it really well, then track how long it takes to get dusty again. A few months ago I hosed it off and scrubbed with a soapy broom, but when it dried there was still a brown crust of dirt. This time I’ll work in small sections on my hands and knees; see if that works any better. Eventually, I’d like to paint over the black floor with a light gray, plus some sort of white pattern. It’ll need to be really clean for that. A pressure wash would be nice.

I have a few projects planned for this weekend. We’ll see how many of them I actually do.



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