2 March

I’ve read that it takes 30ish days to form a habit. At the start of February, I thought of two activities that I wanted to become habits, and made sure to do them every day (well, I missed one day, but I did them twice the next day). It worked well, so I’m doing it again for March. One of my goals this month is to do 10 minutes of yardwork per day. That fits well with this blog, so I’m happy to show my progress.

I thought I’d start at the patio and work outward.

March 1st:

It’s been a mess since always, but made worse by my partner and his friend using it for “gooping” and painting wargaming terrain.



Paint, paintbrushes, and drop cloths moved to the garage. Bbq sheet and spatula brought into the kitchen, and bbq cover placed. Black plastic tub emptied into rubbish bin and put in garage. And all in 10 minutes before work!

March 2nd:

I have no love for the looks of this cheap patio table, but I do love how easy it is to clean.


Paint droplets, sand sprinkles, “goop” smears (combo of sand, plaster of paris, and gap filler), and a thick layer of plain old dusty dirt.

Half a spray bottle of dishwashing liquid, six filthy tea towels, and an oven scraper made quick work of returning the glass to decency. I washed the legs and underside of the table, too.


It’s not beautiful, but it is useful. I think this took about 15 minutes.




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