19 Feb

Visiting family today took longer than I’d hoped, and I was a bit disspirited upon returning home with so little time left in the day. Still, I cleaned the kitchen (including the muddy shoeprints on the floor),


added a candleholder and wooden snake to the outbox (I still like them, but I’ve been reading minimalism blogs and thought I’d trial outboxing a few things),


and repotted the snake plant that’s been neglected in our backyard for years.


After sitting in a pot with no drain holes and mostly glass beads for potting medium, I was surprised it was doing so well. Tons of roots! I had to saw around the edges of the red ceramic pot with a knife, and even after that, pull pretty hard to get it out.


Then I ripped the poor plant to pieces.


I already painted the terracotta pot white months ago, and it’s been sitting in the yard with grass sprouting in it ever since its peace lily succumbed to my neglect. I emptied it out, scrubbed it with soap, then rubbed it with a candle and gave it a coat of turquoise. At first I’d pictured it in a navy blue to contrast better with the green leaves, but my little free sample pot colour was too pretty to resist.


I stuck the ugly stalks back in the red pot with some new sand and potting soil. Maybe they’ll take off and make lots of new clones. It was night by then, so I had to wait an hour for the blue to dry. While I waited, I washed all the rocks and soil off the pretty stalks.


I scrubbed the blue off with a scourer, gave it a wash of brown to tone down the brightness, and potted it up.


I’m quite pleased with the results. They look good as a group. I’ll let them all recuperate for a week inside, then the succulents can find their final home outside (I want to keep them in bright light so they don’t etiolate), and the snake plant can sit somewhere inside.



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