18 Feb

After waking up at 3am and being unable to get back to sleep, I wasn’t sure I’d have enough energy to do anything productive today. I didn’t really get going until our hobby day guest arrived. He’s easygoing, but I still felt compelled to clean the kitchen and vacuum the floors.

Soon he, my partner, and I bundled into his small truck and visited the local big diy store. Last time we were there, I bought four tiny houseplants. They’ve been doing well, so I was looking for some small self-watering pots for them. The store didn’t have any, but I was compelled to buy a larger plant ($8), and a white self-watering plastic pot for it ($10). Quite a splurge, but I’ve been working hard (at work at least) and I feel a bit entitled.


I’ll need to give the plant a week to adjust to its new environment before repotting.

On the way home from the diy store, we stopped at the supermarket, where I found the perfect pots for my tiny plants.


Little kitchen storage tubs. And only $1 each, far cheaper than similar-sized diy-store pots. I got the last blue ones, although I was tempted to get two blue and two mint green. I drilled four holes in the bottom of each and repotted.



Since the guys are spending the day painting miniatures and terrain, I thought I’d join in and paint a couple little terracotta pots that have been lying around for years. I was about to paint them straight blue, but then I thought, an undercoat of white would make the blue brighter. And maybe I wouldn’t paint them all blue, but just a stripe or pattern or something. To Pinterest!


I found a picture of some weathered terracotta pots in various shades of blue, so I aimed for something like that. Undercoated white, let it dry, rubbed the pots with a candle, painted blue, let dry, used a rough cloth to scrub the blue. It flaked nicely, but the colors were too vibrant, so I “borrowed” one of my partner’s tiny pots of brown wash  paint.


That made them look too dirty, so then I wiped them again with a nylon scourer. With that, the weathering looked far more realistic.

I scoured our yard for succulents that have survived years of neglect (since my obsession with them waned).


I grabbed an empty yogurt container and filled it with half sand, half potting mix, put the lid on, and shook until it was mixed. Then I poured in the mix and added plants.


They got a good drink, and now they’re ready for another few years of neglect.




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