13 Feb

I was feeling unusually motivated tonight. Probably because work went better than expected.

I’ve been searching for a big, wide-mouthed glass jar for laundry powder for a long time. I’ve just kept the powder bucket out on the counter for ease of access, but I wanted something nicer to look at, but still practical.


All the jars I found were either ugly, had badly-colored plastic lids, or heavy glass lids that I knew would chip easily. Finally, I found one in a cheap shop with a nice stainless steel lid for $10.


It’s been working out great.

I washed a few loads of laundry and asked my partner to put away the dishes. I came back from the clothesline to find him cleaning the whole kitchen! Sweeeet.

The evening air was usually cool, with a nice breeze, so I decided to do some weeding.


I used the empty laundry powder bucket, since I was going to toss it anyway.


I cheated a bit as it got darker, skipping the weeds that would require me to dig around in the gravel to get to their stems. Still, it looks better.

By the time I finished, it was dark. I wanted to keep going, so I decided to tackle a portion of the junk room.


I put some items to use (the dice pencil holder to hold paintbrushes, the pretty bowl to hold my new baby plants), repositioned some items with like items in the room (thread and needles with the sewing machine, warhammer boxes in the closet), and sorted through the dvds and games. I let my partner go through everything I no longer wanted, and he let me outbox more than expected. I gave him a bunch of his wargaming stuff to put in the sunroom (his wargaming room now), and he actually started working to organise it all.

I had just planned to clear off our old TV stand (so we could get rid of it when we get rid of all our other unwanted furniture), but I cleared off our old el-cheapo corner desk, too. Mostly.


I outboxed quite a lot of stuff. Decor will be donated, games and dvds pawned, rubbish tossed.


Two boxes and change to return to the junk room.


I’m satisfied with this very visible progress.

I’m more optimistic about getting the rest of it cleared.



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