12 Feb

Although I had time to go thrifting both Friday and Saturday, it was way too blazing hot (37-41 C or 98-105 F) to go. I did manage to mow the lawn (both front and back yards) Saturday morning. I’m glad I started at 7am, because by the time I finished at 8am, it was really heating up.

I didn’t do much else yesterday, other than giving my giant canvas a couple coats of white so I can paint something better. I had painted a fairly nice jellyfish, but wasn’t careful enough with the tentacles, so they turned out looking like a child drew them. It ruined the whole painting for me, and after a few months I still couldn’t think of a way to fix them. Plus, the jellyfish was rather small for such a large canvas.

Today, I cleaned the kitchen and worked on my painting. Abstract this time.



I’ll keep painting layers of blue til I’m happy.

Apartment Therapy’s weekend project was to work on the entryway.


The rug was $3 from the Lifeline Vintage Wardrobe op-shop. I think it was black with pink lines when new, but now is nicely faded to denim and white. There were two available, nearly identical, but the other was in worse shape and still had quite a bit of pink showing.

I bought the bench (coffee table?) from the Lifeline Smart Tip Shop years ago for $10. It’s hand-made and very sturdy. After painting it mostly white, I added the baskets (originally the drawers of a nightstand gifted to me) to hide its missing rail and add some clutter-busting storage. I pictured us taking a seat and removing our shoes before entering the house. Optimistic of me, and I couldn’t get my partner to comply, so I stopped after a while, too.

Anyway, today I was focusing on decluttering the baskets and tidying the area.


This was the main repository of miscellaneous wires, earphones, and printer paper. Various diy stuff got stashed here too.


I tossed four sets of terrible earbuds, keeping two good sets.  One packet of printer paper went into the printer, and the other two got stashed in the junk room. Diy stuff went into the garage.

I discovered some telephone cable I had bought years ago to replace the horrible dirty yellow cable we’ve always used.


What a relief to toss that nasty cream wire.


Jingle bells were removed from the doorknob and shoes went into the bedroom closet. My old work uniform was bundled with several other things that need to go in the car.


Much better. I’m thinking of painting the top of the bench white or blue. I thought I could deal with the reddish wood, but I’ve never liked it. I’m also considering getting rid of the bench altogether. We really don’t use it much at all.

I’ve done a bit of cleaning in the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry as well. I think that’ll be good for today.



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