8 Feb

I’m only on-call for work today, so if all goes well, it’ll be a day off! Yay!

I have quite a long cleaning list for today. I usually finish about half the items on my lists.




Quick and easy.



Apparently this is what happens when I ask my partner to do some laundry while I’m at work. Oh well, better than nothing.

Three minutes later:


I value speed over neatness when folding.


The wicker basket is holding clothes that’ll eventually go in the rat cage. I’ll put them in a bag and chuck ’em in the junk room at some point. I’d do it now, but I’m lazy. I’ve put one load of washing on the line, one is in the machine, and another waiting in the blue tub. Do-able.


Hair and dead gnats were messing up the floor after only a couple days. I wiped the sink, loo, and floor, then replaced the bathmat and towels. Much quicker and easier than my usual “eww this place is so disgusting” monthly cleans. Maybe I’ll keep it up. I gave the drains another squirt of bug spray. This always was the worst room for bugs (ants, drainflies, earwigs, and tiny spiders every day) but it’s been much better since I gave the room a good coat of bug spray last weekend.


I’ve managed to keep my side fairly uncluttered, but they do get dusty so easily.



The wargaming stuff always comes back, but it’ll look nice and clear for a little while.

Until I turn around.



My partner is working with one of his friends to make wargaming tables and terrain. They went out last weekend and brought back…more foam boards. Let’s hope they actually finish their project this time.

Meanwhile, I can tidy a little bit.


I want to get rid of that big ugly click-clack double sofa bed. It was free from a friend years ago, and sat in the guest bedroom unused until my partner needed seating for a barbeque. We brought it out here, and the leather-look plastic started peeling off as soon as someone sat on it. Now, I can’t donate it to an op-shop like I’d planned. I’ll probably end up paying someone to take it to the dump, since it won’t fit in our car.

I did finally hang my foam fish.



We have a big white wall at the foot of our bed. I have a giant canvas destined for that spot, but the first picture I painted turned out badly, and I haven’t gotten around to redoing it yet. In the meantime, I put a diy whale and an op-shop find there.



It looks much larger on the wall in person. I’ll move it somewhere else eventually. Maybe the laundry room. But for now, I’ll enjoy seeing my newest diy project every day.




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