2 Feb

Today I was only on-call for work, so I took a chance and went thrifting. Didn’t buy anything, but spotted some interesting new donations.


As I walked up to the first shop, I spotted the edge of this painting sticking out of a stack. It was on a “fill a bag for $5” table. A few months ago I would have bought it, but I have enough art now that I don’t feel compelled to buy pieces just because they fit my beachy or nautical theme. This one was too brown and messy for my taste. There were 4 or 5 similar ones inside the store, some marked by the same artist. All were brownish or yellowish, so not my style.


In the same store were these prints. I really liked them, and could picture them in my hallway or nana room, but I couldn’t splash out $30 for them, especially with the swap meet coming up.


Not beachy at all, but this little log cabin in the next shop made my heart pound at first glance. I grew up near forested areas, with a romanticized notion of life in a little log cabin. It was a felt-lined box (the lid lifts up) and was priced $12. A nice thing, but not for me.


After three hours walking in the hot sun (36 C or 97 F), I couldn’t take it anymore, and headed home. Since my brain had decided to be wide awake at 2:20 this morning, I now promptly fell asleep in the recliner for a couple hours.

By this time, I felt pretty safe from a call from work, so I started a roast cooking and began tidying up.

First, my desk:



Leaving the swap meet tickets out, of course. So excited!

I then cleared the kitchen counters and gave them a wipe-down, then changed two rubbish bags.

Laundry has been piling up again.



There are still two loads drying on the line and another load washing. Hopefully I won’t get called in tomorrow and can take the time for them then.

There’s lots more I could and should do, but I’ll use the excuse that most of it generates bags of rubbish, and the bin is full until tomorrow morning.


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