31 Jan

I got home from work truly bone-tired. No cleaning tonight, but I did buy my Toowoomba Swap online tickets! No waiting in line for 30+ minutes on the morning. I’m so excited! Eeeeeeeee! (My excited squeal.)

I think this’ll be my fifth year attending.

The first year I bought a glass jar full of old rusty upholstery nails for $4, and a crab dish thing for $10 as a (joke) gift for my partner’s sister. I actually bought the upholstery nails to use, not even considering that normal people this days just use staples. I never did use them, and outboxed them last December…I think. It’s entirely possible they’re still in the junk room somewhere. Shockingly, my partner’s sister still has the crab dish. It’s a horribly ugly thing, and getting it was entirely my partner’s idea.

The second year I didn’t find anything, which was very frustrating after 8 hours of walking around in the blazing sun.

The third year I bought a boat.


A Star Yacht 5 pond boat made in England. It was quite a project when I bought it for $30. It was just a bundle of fabric and sticks tied to the hull. I managed to find online what it was supposed to look like, then spent several hours fixing it up with cotton cord and superglue.

The fourth year I bought another boat.


This one was covered in dust and had some goop smeared along the hull, but was much bigger and in better condition than the last one. It was priced $60, but I offered $40 and we settled at $50. This felt like a huge fortune to me at the time, but I don’t regret it. It’s a model of the Australia II yacht that won the 1983 America Cup. I didn’t know anything about it at the time, but many months later I found a huge book about it in an op-shop for $3. I learned a lot from that book, mainly that my model doesn’t include the secret, race-winning feature of the Australia II: its winged keel.

File:Australia-II-keel (1).jpg

Although, the keel of my model boat is broken on the bottom…

I’m hoping to find something else beachy or nautical this year. Some kind of big home decor item. A shell, a saltwater fishing pole, another boat perhaps. Many of the vendors just have a few rusty car parts sitting in their stall and nothing else, but a good 1/4 of the stalls have more than just car stuff. I could find anything.




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