28 Jan

I’ve officially given up on the January Cure this year, but I still saw improvement. I’ll continue to do small tasks, and they should add up to a happier, calmer home as the year progresses.

I’ll start where I am right now; my desk (actually the first table we ever bought, as a 4-person dining table for our first rental together). The top is worn in patches from use and it’s an unpleasant dark brown, so I used to think about painting it. Now that I have a better job, I’ve been keeping watch for a replacement. Something light, but with a drawer or two. Similar to this from Ikea:

ALEX Desk IKEA Built-in cable management for collecting cables and cords; out of sight but close at hand.

Or, I could find some sturdy metal legs from the plethora of beat-up tables in op-shops, then add my own top using a butcherblock counter or just planks of wood, but that wouldn’t have drawers.

Anyway, for now I’ll work with what I have.


It gets dusty and cluttered. A quick tidy later:


I scrubbed a few stubbon marks off my computer screen, then went searching for a task that isn’t something I regularly do.

I’d like to get the garage in order this year. Right now it’s full of spiders and sawdust.

Hello, creepy little friends!

We already have shelving, bought years ago, still in the box and waiting for me to clear some room to put it up.


I cleared all the junk from this wall last year. Stuff is creeping back. I tossed the bag of rubbish and pizza box, then cleaned the cooler (still containing melted ice from November) and left it in the sun to dry.



We bought this freezer when we bought the house, planning to buy bulk meat to save money. We never bothered. It’s been off for months and gathering clutter. I can do something about that.



Smelled like old potatoes. Not as moldy as I thought it would be.


All clean (inside at least, I’m not braving the spiderwebs on the outside). I’ll toss the basket in the dishwasher later. That wasn’t too bad. I don’t know if we’ll ever use it again. It wasn’t something I wanted, but my partner thought it was essential.

Hmm, perhaps I can store some garage stuff in it…



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