Saturday Thrifting #2

The day started overcast with a nice breeze. Halfway through my walk, it turned back to sunny skies and hot humid air. I didn’t find anything really exciting this week, but saw a few interesting things.

What I didn’t buy:



This candleholder is beautiful. At only $3, I would have bought it instantly if I thought I would ever use it. It is a wonderful thing, but not a thing for me.


This painting was tempting.  About dinner plate size, priced $4, and might be a rocky coastline. I think the big tree was a bit too overbearing for my taste, and the paint a bit too smudgy. The sky needs some definition, to make it look less like a white void. The water is beautifully done, though.


This mirror was a nice color, but I didn’t like the crusty texture to the paint. Plus, it was only medium-sized, and any mirror I’d buy would have to be large. Also, $10 was too rich for my blood.


When I first began decorating, I loved decor balls. I would have snatched this one up instantly back in my days of “ornate victorian” style. I got tired of ornateness when I started cleaning more. Too many nooks and crannies to collect dirt, and too long scrubbing to make sure they’re really clean. Also, decor balls feel a bit pointless to me now that I have plenty of other tchotchkes that are ‘real’ objects. Still, at only $1, this one tempted me.


What came home with me:


A package of bag sealers for $1. I found some years ago and we used them so much, one by one, they all wore out and broke. This find even my partner was happy about.

A white ceramic mini-pot with lid for $1.50. There were two in the shop, but one had a crooked knob on the lid. That would have driven me crazy, plus I only need one. I’ve been looking for a white one of these for a while (seen blue, green, orange, and red), to microwave a single serve of veggies for breakfast. I thought for a while, “I don’t need one of those. I can just use a bowl with a plate for a lid.” But that isn’t as conveniant, and often burns my fingers even when I use a towel. Hopefully this will be better.

Next weekend I may visit some shops closer to my side of town that I haven’t been to in months. Should be fun!


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