21 Jan

I’m getting so excited for the Toowoomba Swap! Eeeee!

Now, then. I’ve been very lax with this year’s January Cure. I want to say this is because I’ve done it a few times and don’t really need to go full-in, but that’s a lie. My work leaves me tired at the end of the day, but that’s not a good excuse for doing nothing at all.

Well, I’ve been telling myself to cram all the assignments into this weekend. Let’s see how it goes.

Cabinet cleanout: I’ve already cleaned under the sink in our bathroom, so this time I’ll tackle the drawers.


They’re not too full, but just a bit grungy and disorganised.

I took everything out, tossed some empty packaging, and wiped out all the hair and dust.


Each drawer has some brown spots scattered around on the bottom, but scrubbing them only made them bigger. Flaking particleboard. I’ll be so happy to replace this vanity…and everything else in this room. So expensive, probably will never happen.


Top drawer, always the messiest. So much better now.


Second drawer has always only held my hair items. Those brushes are probably older than me. They were my mother’s.


Weight notebook and toothbrush charger drawer. Bending down is too bothersome to put anything else in there.


Feels cleaner.

Work on your project:

Put the numbers on the mailbox already, self! I’m sure it’ll take only a few minutes.

New numbers:


The back of my old diy address that was hanging from our mailbox (made from an op-shop find, of course):


I wonder how long the new adhesive numbers will last in the summer heat? Also, I wonder how long this “temporary” measure will last? The mailbox itself is looking pretty shoddy. It’s metal, so it should come up nicely with some cleaning and spray paint. Well, that’s another task for another day.

Lighten up the living room:

I did recently pare down the display in our living room, so I think I’ll focus on the shelf in the laundry room.


I like all the things on it, and I put them there to look at while I fold laundry. But even back when I set it up, I could see it was too much. So, I put most of the items in the junk room.


Ahhh…much calmer.


Everything here, except the Minecraft toys, is from op-shopping. The big clothespin had some sort of beer advertising label on it (which I removed), and was just $1. The blue bottle was also $1, and the framed print was pricey at $4. The turned burlwood bowl was $3, and though it’s been in the outbox a few times, I just love the silvery, weathered texture of the wood on top too much to get rid of it.


I added a metal dragonfly that’s been in storage for a couple years. I think it was $1. I’m sure it’ll get replaced with something else soon, but I’m enjoying seeing it again.


I added a shell to the outbox.


I think it cost me 50 cents or $1. The spines were broken when I bought it, but I could overlook that at the time due to its large size and unusually bumpy shape. Now, I have more shells, and feel comfortable letting this one go.

Tomorrow: a better bedroom!


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