12-16 Jan

I’ve been bad. I haven’t done any of the January Cure assignments over the past four days, but I’ve convinced myself it doesn’t really matter.

12 Jan:

The media fast was on my partner’s birthday, and he wanted to eat curry and watch a movie. Can’t say no to the birthday boy.

13 Jan:

The behind closed doors task was focused on linens, which I already cleaned out and sorted for the clear a closet assignment. I was feeling lazy and didn’t substitute anything instead.

14-15 Jan:

The weekend task was to clean the kitchen, inside or out. Since I’ve gotten really good at cleaning the outside (if I may say so myself), my task would have been cleaning the inside of the cabinets, fridge, and dishwasher. I just couldn’t stand the thought of the time it would take removing all those items, wiping each cabinet, and putting them all back. I did clean the fridge just before Christmas. The washer could probably use a cleaning cycle with some vinegar; maybe tonight after today’s 2 loads of dishes are done.

16 Jan:

The Monday task hasn’t been e-mailed or posted yet, but the calendar says it’s “get a get-together together.” This is supposed to be motivation and a reward to show off all the participants’ hard work, but it’s always sounded more like a punishment to me; I’m a happy introvert. As usual, I’ll skip that one.

I haven’t been totally unproductive. I cleared and wiped the kitchen counters and floor, did 5 loads of laundry (including the bedsheets; it was hot enough outside that each load was dry by the time the next was ready to hang) and put it all away, cleared clutter from our desks, and tossed several bags of rubbish.

Our ensuite bathroom really needs a clean. Maybe a quick wipe-down, and then sort the cabinet? That might assuage my guilty conscience.

After scrubbing both toilets in our house, I started on the cabinet.


Thankfully my camera hides the “before” grunge pretty well. We don’t use many personal products, but I was surprisingly able to get rid of a handful of items.


A couple years ago, I discovered the sink had developed a slow leak, and the shelves were sodden and moldy by the time I noticed. I was able to fix it myself, but we didn’t (and still don’t) have the money to replace anything. So, the shelves are bumpy and discolored, but still serviceable. A quick wipe with dishwashing liquid and disinfectant removed the grunge.


I tossed two bottles of expired sunscreen, two tubes of expired medication, an icky pumice stone, and a weight watchers scale that stopped working about a year ago. I discovered two new bottles of shampoo that I’d forgotten I’d bought (nearly bought another just this afternoon), and moved my partner’s shampoo to an obvious spot (he tried to buy shampoo a few weeks ago because he “couldn’t find any”… really?  It’s a small cabinet and the only place we keep shampoo).

I wiped off the top and called it good.



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