11 Jan

Today’s January Cure assignment is to take 30 minutes to clean a closet. We have 6 closets in our home; most are empty or organised already. This leaves the junk room closet (full of cardboard boxes of stuff we’ll never use again but I’m required to keep because of “future value” or “nostalgia”) or the laundry room closet (full of linens, duffle bags, and laundry-related items). The linen closet it is!


Both sides are pretty much stuffed like this. The floor section was tidied back when I did all my floors.


I was surprised how much dust was on the shelves despite them being covered with linens and having the doors closed most of the time. I suppose I haven’t really cleaned them since the last January Cure, though.


Most of these items were free gifts, hand-me-downs, or less than $1 from op shops. I think the only items here that I bought new are the mop and one pillowcase. Even the bottle of spray cleaner is just diluted dishwashing liquid mixed with disinfectant. Whenever I’ve bought nice-looking spray bottles for cleaning, the spray heads have broken within a couple weeks, while re-used cleaning product spray bottles last for years.


Side 1 that stays closed most of the time. Top to bottom: old and torn towels and sheets (to cover surfaces while painting and transferring dirty or delicate items in the car), sheets and pillowcases (culled about half of what we own), fluffy mattress topper, electric blanket, and old afghans that I don’t really like the look of, but are family heirlooms and do get used every winter. Mop and bucket (this really is the most convenient spot for them, despite how awkward it looks).


Side 1 that’s opened often: duffle and tote bags on top with the iron (can probably move that iron to another shelf now that I have the room), guest towel (we never have more than one guest at a time, maybe once every year), fluffy hand-me-down duvet that we haven’t used yet, all the toilet cleaning supplies, and dehumidifier flakes for use in our bedroom closet and pantry.

I’ll have to keep an eye out in the op-shops for more sheets. I don’t dare buy most op-shop blankets, but I’ll try to find some nice new ones this year.

At least now I have a nice large pile of linens to cut up for our pet rats’ bedding.





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