6-10 Jan

6 Jan:

Yesterday’s January Cure assignment was to create an outbox and put one item in it. My outbox used to be the space under our laundry room counter, but since it’s filled with laundry room items now, I’ll use the floor of the linen closet. The item I chose was a framed picture that used to be displayed on my console table. I had high hopes for both the frame and picture, but once I put them together, it just made me feel “ugh” every time I saw them. I’m much happier now they’re gone.


7 Jan:

This weekend’s Cure assignment is flowers and floors. Visited family out of town today, and arrived back home late at night. No flowers and floors today!

8 Jan:

Hosting a bbq and games day. Plenty of time to clean, but plenty of excuses not to. No curing today either!

9 Jan:

10-hour day on my feet at work. I just want to vegetate on the lounge with the TV blaring, even though I’m getting behind. Meditation and a project can wait.

10 Jan:

I have 3 hours this morning to do some curing before work. Let’s see what I manage.

Hour 1 – Cleared the bedroom and bathroom floors ready for vacuuming, fixed breakfast, watched TV, hung 2 loads of laundry to dry and started a 3rd washing.

Hour 2 – Emptied vacuum canister, vacuumed bedroom, bedroom closet, and ensuite bathroom. All the tiny spiders are gone from the ceiling corners, and all the lint is gone from the vortex fan. I moved on to the TV room and entry, vacuuming up all the detritus from the weekend’s bbq guests (but mostly from our own shoes). The next load of washing is almost done.



Hour 3 – Hung the load of laundry to dry, started another washing. Folded and put away laundry that’s been on the counter for a week.



I can’t decide what room to meditate about, but I do know what my project will be: removing the house numbers on our mailbox that I made when we first moved in 4 years ago (they’re all cracked and peeling now, as well as the plywood panel they’re mounted on), and replacing them with some cheap stick-on numbers I bought last weekend.

I think that’s all I’ll do this morning.



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