5 Jan

Today’s January Cure assignment is to clean out the pantry. I already did this a few days before Christmas, along with the refrigerator and most of the cabinets. I’ll clean the space under the sink instead.



It’s dirtier under there than I expected.


Wiped clean. That stain is damaged particleboard.


Since that was so simple, I’ll tackle a kitchen drawer as well.


I don’t know why there’s a labeled baggie containing socks. They could be my partner’s socks, or from one of his clients. Knowing his clients, I’m not investigating. I’ll let him sort it out.


This is the quick and easy stash spot for papers I just want out of sight. Also for take-out napkins and receipts, apparently.


Now it only holds:

  • phone books (no, we’ve never used them, but I guess I’m old enough to feel compelled to keep them)
  • whipper-snipper line (probably belongs in the garden shed, but I’m afraid a spider would make a home in the spool)
  • a calendar (I rip out each month and keep it on the fridge)
  • and council free plant vouchers (because that’s the first place I’d look for them)

I’m suprised I did anything at all this evening. The motivation was severely lacking, but now I get to bask in satisfaction for a while.





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