Jan 1 – January Cure 2017

I’ve been looking forward to the January Cure for months. This will be my third year participating, and each year leaves lasting improvement. Due to time zone differences, the assignments don’t come out until afternoon or evening my time, so I thought I’d jump in under the assumption that this year’s first assignment will be the same as always: flowers and floors.

Instead of buying myself flowers from a shop, I always pick one of the neglected plants from my yard and relocate it to a pot. This year, I chose a yellow-flowering succulent that’s been thriving on zero care for years.

Before I could start the floors, I had to clean the vacuum. After emptying the canister, cutting all the hair and string off the turbine rollers, and scrubbing the tar-like encrustation off the bottom of the turbine head, I was ready to go.

Laundry room – tile floor: Vacuumed easy areas, emptied the bottom of the linen closet (tossed some clutter) and vacuumed under there, then moved the washer and dryer and vacuumed under there. Mopped linen closet and washer areas, replaced items and mopped remaining area. Time: 45 minutes


Guest loo and bathroom – tile floors: Vacuumed, then mopped. Evicted two huge daddy-long-legs and one big redback. I’d just cleaned this area before Christmas, so those were a worrying surprise. Time: 20 minutes



Hallway – carpet: Vacuumed floor and all upper and lower edges. No surprises. Time: 10 minutes




Guest bedroom – carpet: Vacuumed. I lifted the furniture to clean before Christmas, so I didn’t this time. Time: 30 seconds



Nana room (guest bedroom 2) – carpet and cotton rug: Moved furniture to one side, vacuumed rug and all upper and lower edges of room, then rolled up rug and vacuumed carpet. Moved furniture to the other side, vacuumed, then replaced everything. Time: 30 minutes


Phew. Now I get to work in the air conditioned part of the house (it got to 38 degrees C [100.4 F] outside yesterday). Yay! Also just checked my e-mail and saw the first assignment won’t begin until January 2nd. Boo! Well, that makes me feel ahead even more.

Entry – tile and carpet: I vacuumed what I could, moved furniture around, vacuumed some more, then mopped. A few daddy-long-legs in the closet, but being next to the garage, that’s the first place they go. Time: 45ish minutes

Desks area – carpet: Arranged things on top of the desks so they wouldn’t fall over, then pulled the desks away from the wall and vacuumed the floor and computers. Time: 40 minutes

Sunroom – carpet: Cleared clutter from the floor, vacuumed, moved furniture, vacuumed again, vacuumed window ledges and slides. Time: 30 minutes

TV room – carpet: Vacuumed half the room, moved furniture, vacuumed the other half. Got distracted cleaning my console table and restyling the decor items on it. Time: 15 minutes for just the floor

Kitchen – tile: A result of last year’s January Cure is that I’ve gotten good at regularly sweeping the kitchen and wiping the tiles with a damp rag. I gave it a quick sweep and mop, but didn’t do under the fridge or dishwasher. Time: 5 minutes

I’ve run out of steam for today, so I think I’ll finish up tomorrow. Remaining to do: Bedroom and closet – carpet, Bathroom – tile, and if I’m feeling ambitious, Patios – painted concrete. We’ll see how it goes.



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