3 Dec

Months ago, I bought this tension rod in an op-shop for $3.


It’s been there, empty, all this time.

Today I got two curtains on clearance at Spotlight for $10 each.


I’ve never found a curtain design that I actually like before.

The tension rod didn’t come down without protest.


I’ll pretend that isn’t there.


Too long. I can fix that.

Pinned the bottom.


No need for perfection. Just tell myself to relax and do it.

I took back my dining table from my partner’s Warhammer supplies. Great to see it again after so long.


Pinned a new edge, changed my mind, unpinned, then pinned again.


Pulled out the sewing machine. Couldn’t remember how to use it. Couldn’t find the manual. Google no help. Youtubed it.

I watched some Youtube videos on curtain hemming and sewing.

Had a go.



Good, but wrinkly.

I ironed on low heat like the tag says. I sprayed with water and ironed some more. I made the iron hotter. I used steam. Bits started flaking off. I stopped and asked Google what to do. I stuck it in the dryer on low heat with a damp towel.


Is it any different? Meh. Good enough.

Now the A/C won’t need to cool that half of the house.





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